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I'm using this journal to work out the details of a potential new game. It would be open to all canon characters (including sources like tie-in video games, Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts) regardless of what era they're from, but everyone would be in the same ~15 year age range. I want to focus on four towns, with each having different themes (romance, rich & famous, etc.) and while everyone can participate in anything regardless of where they live, residents of each town get to work out plots on their own and get first choice of roles for stuff that goes on there. I've been away from IJ for a few years and don't even know if there's still enough interest to sustain another game, but I haven't been able to find anything to suit the lighthearted, fun vibe I'm interested in. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, just comment on any post.


Aug. 1st, 2017

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Jul. 7th, 2017

character brainstorming

PANSY PARKINSON (Portree); Oh, Pansy. She's having a tough time lately. Her life was supposed to be parties, holidays and shopping on her parents' dime until she found a rich, handsome, dumb sucker of a pureblood to drag down the aisle and bleed dry, but that dream died when her parents did and she discovered that they had used up every last sickle trying to maintain the facade of affluence. Now she's got to hide the fact that she's flat broke while also trying to navigate the exciting world of... Quidditch beaurocracy? A 50% ownership stake in Pride of Portree is the only thing of value Pansy inherited from her parents and it's her only hope for rebuilding her old life. And, BTW, that other 50% stake in the Prides? Owned by a fucking mudblood. A rich mudblood. A rich, handsome mudblood, who's maybe not all that terrible... Dammit, vagina, don't do this to me! (PB: Natalie Dormer)

  • Cut from much the same cloth as his sister is Perseus Parkinson, played by Hale Appleman. While Pansy has her career handed to her, Persey (to differentiate him from Percy Weasley, his nemesis and fellow year-mate who beat him out for Head Boy) is left at loose ends. Naturally, he'll eventually end up Minister for Magic because, to quote Gina Linetti, "I was born for politics. I have great hair and I love lying." (The only canon information we have about Perseus is that he was a Minister for Magic who was thrown out of the office because he tried to pass a law making it illegal to marry muggles.) Because he's just as broke as Pansy, Persey will be either be forced to sell the inheritance he got from his parents - the family home, where Pansy still lives - or move in with his sister. Can you say "Grey Gardens"?

  • CORDELIA MISERICORDIA (Holyhead); Secretly a hag, using beauty potions to masquerade as a witch, which would not work at all if she weren't a distant and untouchable celebrity and even then the illusion is barely holding on. She and three other hags make up the scandal-plagued singing group "Spellbound". She's the "only sane man" in their four-girl ensemble and constantly stresses herself out trying to rein in and cover up the group's hag antics; relaxes by sitting on your chest at night and stealing your breath while you sleep. (PB: Troian Bellisario / Meryl Streep)

  • Annis Black; basically the Britta Perry of the group. Insists #notallhags eat children. Is currently constructing a house out of candy FOR NO REASON and how dare you accuse her of having sinister architectural motivations. Always available to babysit.

  • Malodora Grymm a.k.a. Snow White's evil stepmother. The prettiest member of Spellbound. Say it. Say she's the prettiest. SAY IT!

  • Leticia Somnolens a.k.a. Maleficent. Gets invited to all the best parties. Or else.

  • BRADLEY BRADLEY (Ballycastle); This weirdo over here is the seventh son of a seventh son, so he's like extra magical and also weird. He's a seer, having delivered verified prophecies, and he also has like extra special Healer powers; he works/volunteers at a clinic in Ballycastle where he just intuitively understands whatever strange shit is going down and also works at that Ministry outpost in their little satellite Dept. of Secrets doing experiments. Speaking of seventh sons... His dad is a pureblood Shafiq and for reasons of respectability and maybe also already being married he's kept his horndogness to the muggle world; Bradley thinks he's a muggleborn and has no idea he has brothers, and maybe a baby sister. (PB: Rami Malek, maybe) [NOTE: Because there are so few viable middle eastern male pbs in the right age range, and because there are so many Rami Malek icons, I had the thought, "What if he's a twin?" And then I remembered that Rami Malek IS a twin, so there are actually pictures of him with a twin so I have to.][SECOND NOTE: triplets?]

  • While looking for potential PBs I ran across Nick Tarabay who made me think that maybe he could be the oldest Shafiq brother and also Alastor Moody; Papa Shafiq, who'd have to be an Auror here, knocked up a respectable pureblood girl (also an Auror, from a family of Aurors) and his parents threatened to disinherit him if that ever happened again, so he kept his dalliances to muggles after that. But if he's Alastor Moody, then he's obviously a younger Moody, not too paranoid yet and still building his legend and enjoying the hell out it. And he's got a little of that "charm them out of their knickers" magic his father had. ALTERNATELY: This actually sounds a lot like how I played John Dawlish, so if someone does Manu Bennett icons with the eye patch maybe he can be (not a Shafiq) Moody and big bro Shafiq can be just any other Auror. Or a criminal, actually. He could con me out of my money.

  • I also had the thought that maybe there's a younger sister, played by Vanessa Lengies, who's the only legitimate Shafiq child. When Papa Shafiq dies, she thinks she's inheriting everything (or possibly splitting it with known older brother Alastor), but as it turns out he actually kept track of his illegitimate offspring and put them in his will. She is not happy about having six or seven nobodies taking all her money, so she has no choice but to kill all of them, or maybe turn them into newts. But she's hilariously inept at it, like Wile E. Coyote, and it's adorable.

  • LIBATIUS BORAGE (Appleby); World famous potioneer and author (incredibly skilled for his time, though of course people have been able to build on his work in the decades since). He started off very serious, with titles like "Advanced Potion-Making" and "Asiatic Anti-Venoms" but at some point got a little... silly... with stuff like "Have Yourself a Fiesta in a Bottle". So he's a prodigy who's gone a little loopy as an adult. As a result, he does a lot of stuff like poison craft beer with various potions (NOTE: Veritaserum in wine - "In Vino Veritas") and other weird stuff as "experiments" and because wizards are weird nobody does anything about it. (PB: Manny Montana)

  • Libatius is from South America and attended Castlebruxo. This means 1: He's probably besties with Bill Weasley's pen pal who moved to England to stalk him. & 2: Why'd he move to another continent? To join the Most Extraordinary Society of Potioneers, of course! Because the only thing better than one mad potioneer is is a whole group of them. Imagine the bake sales! And there are a ton of other interesting groups full of potential, probably.

  • LOL you know who's NOT invited to join the Most Extraordinary Society of Potioneers, though? Severus Snape. Who, like, doesn't even want to join because they're absurd and he's improved on their work anyway. But, like, WHY HAVEN'T THEY INVITED ME TO JOIN THEM SO I CAN REJECT THEIR INVITATION!?!? He DOES. NOT. CARE. because he's better than them. But also it's literally the only thing he can think about. He's obsessed with getting their attention, through whatever bizarre means necessary, just so he can tell them he doesn't want to be in their club anyway.